• Assist and Grape Control 10x

Control 10x

  • Easy to Use Drops
  • For Men and Women
  • Suppresses Hunger
  • Increase Energy
  • For Teenages
  • All Natural weight control
  • Take 10-15 drops before you eat

This is a fast acting weight loss appetite suppressant. This product was designed to reduce your appetite, and includes a built in energy boost. All it takes is a few drops under the tongue, and you will not even notice any hunger pains with this all natural product. Control 10x is stronger than our flagship product.

Control 10x may be used to help curve the appetite with any diet!
Contains: Hoodia Cactus Leaf/Stem, Guarana’ Seed Gymnema Leaf, Kelp, Kelp Thallus, Bladderwrack Thallus, Fennel Seed Gravel Root, Black Walnut Hull, Uva-ursi Leaf, Senna Leaf.
The biggest obstacle for getting people to stay on a diet, has been that feeling of “starvation”, and lack of energy. Many dieters actually become depressed while on a diet. Blueline wanted to create a “feelgood” diet formula.
Ingredients like Hoodia, made it all possible. The technicians at Blueline Labs were able to micro-encapsulate all of the ingredients into a super potent liquid formula, available in several flavors. They also knew that if a diet product tastes bad, it will fail. All it takes is a few drops of this great tasting formula under the tongue, and the metabolism shifts gears
  • A deeper more restful sleep
  • Reduces daily stress and anxiety
  • Promotes healthy fat loss
  • Reduces food cravings
  • Naturally assists in mood balancing
  • Supports overall mind and body health

A well thought out formula the helps your mind and body in several areas, the user will benefit by: Enjoying a deeper and more restful sleep, Reduction of daily stress and anxiety, Promotes healthy weight loss, Reduces food cravings, Helps balance your moods, and supports overall mind and body health. Nothing like it on the market today. In Assist we have Vitamin B6, or you may know it by another name as pyridoxine, Vitamin B6 is used in our bodies to help to produce red blood cells. It also helps keep our potassium and sodium in balance.

FOLIC ACID is also very important it helps keeps all of the cells in your body healthy, including your red blood cells that provide oxygen to your organs and tissues, women that are planning to become pregnant benefit greatly from folic acid, but more important Folic Acid is important for any and all women at any age. Also the great thing about Folic acid because it is a B complex vitamin that helps manufacturing red blood cells it can help with certain types of anemia.

MAGNESIUM is a great element our bodies need and want to function more normally. Magnesium oxide is used for several different reasons. Benefits are as follows: Some use it as an antacid to help relieve heartburn, it also helps with a sour stomach, or that annoying acid indigestion. Another great benefit for Magnesium oxide is that you can use it for a short-term laxative.

ZINC There are several great benefits for Zinc some are it helps with helping your immune system, digestion, some cases helps control diabetes, Zinc can also improve your stress level, gives your metabolism a boost, helps with your skin complexion and the healing of wounds. People also take Zinc for colds, eye care, pregnancy, a big factor it helps in weight loss as a appetite suppressant, there are lots of benefits of Zinc in your diet.

“GABA,” Gamma-aminobutyric acid, is often referred to as is an amino acid and neurotransmitter (a chemical responsible for carrying information from one cell to another). GABA is produced naturally in the body, is widely available in supplement form. There are claims that GABA taken as a supplement helps your brain’s own GABA levels and, in turn, treat anxiety, stress, depression, and sleep problems, which in turn helps with a better mood over all.

5-HTP, this is a amino acid that has been scientficcally demonstrated to increase serotonin levels. As a precursor to serotonin, 5 –htp provides the brain with the building blocks needed to produce more serotonin naturally.



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Assist and Grape Control 10x

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