• Control 10x
  • Easy to Use Drops
  • For Men and Women
  • Suppresses Hunger
  • Increase Energy
  • For Teenages
  • All Natural weight control
  • Take 10-15 drops before you eat

This is a fast acting weight loss appetite suppressant. This product was designed to reduce your appetite, and includes a built in energy boost. All it takes is a few drops under the tongue, and you will not even notice any hunger pains with this all natural product. Control 10x is stronger than our flagship product.

Control 10x may be used to help curve the appetite with any diet!
Contains: Hoodia Cactus Leaf/Stem, Guarana’ Seed Gymnema Leaf, Kelp, Kelp Thallus, Bladderwrack Thallus, Fennel Seed Gravel Root, Black Walnut Hull, Uva-ursi Leaf, Senna Leaf.
The biggest obstacle for getting people to stay on a diet, has been that feeling of “starvation”, and lack of energy. Many dieters actually become depressed while on a diet. Blueline wanted to create a “feelgood” diet formula.
Ingredients like Hoodia, made it all possible. The technicians at Blueline Labs were able to micro-encapsulate all of the ingredients into a super potent liquid formula, available in several flavors. They also knew that if a diet product tastes bad, it will fail. All it takes is a few drops of this great tasting formula under the tongue, and the metabolism shifts gears



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Control 10x

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