Frequently Asked Question

1.  I noticed in the HCG pamphlet that it mentions that the HCG 'loading/bingeing' should take place days 1-3 while taking the drops. I thought it was only for 2 days. Does it matter?
For the loading It really does not matter how long you load 2 days are fine if you want 3 really does not matter but really load..
2. I ordered the B-12 and the Adrenal Support with the HCG. When do I take the Adrenal and the B-12? Together at the same time ? Before the HCG? After the HCG? With the HCG? Can you take them on an empty stomach? What have you found to be the best way to take all three?
With the B12 and Adrenal   I take all 3 of  them in the morning. But during the day for the  B12 and Adrenal you can take them anytime you feel like you need a pick me up. But I do suggest do not take them after 5 pm.
3. In keeping with the 500 daily calories, are there any negative effects if one falls short of 500 or goes  over 500 calories?
I suggest with the 500 calories, if you want to go with 500 calories try not to go under 500 it is not that good for you but if you go over that is okay within 100 calories you should be fine.  If you want to try and go with more calories the first week try 750 then go down the next week don't  starve!
4. I read on a few websites concerning the vibrational hcg that it is not necessary to do the 72 hour transition between phase 2 and phase 3 (while stopping drops but keeping the 500 cal diet during it). You can go straight into phase 3. Is this true? What you have found?
The last 3 days of your 500 calories intake take no drops. Then increase calories by 200 calories per day till you reach 1500-1700 calorie intake for women. Then go in phase 3 gradually adding other foods.
5. On the Steak Day (if youve gone up 2 pounds),,,is it absolutely necessary to eat the steak or can you just simply completely fast from all the diet food for a day with the same result?
DO NOT FAST! Stick with the protocol
6. Have you found that the Maintenance phase(3) is best kept at 3 week minimum? Or is a 4 week maintenance phase even better to insure results?
Every person is different.. Really no data up to you on where you are at.
7.Since the vibrational hcg isnt an actual hormone being introduced to the body,thus changing some of the rules and effects.... are there any other protocols that you have found in Dr. Simeone's hcg diet rules that would not be necessary to follow(such as indeed being able to wear certain makeups as long as they arent creams or oils).? 
Don't worry about the creams or oils.
8. I also read that with vibrational HCG there is no immunity issue with the drops, and it is possible to go longer than 43 days (not so with homeopathic HCG). Is this true?
No immunity issues with the drops that we are aware of.